The classical school is the oldest formal school of management thought. CLASSICAL SCHOOL OF THOUGHTS – II:Contributors of This Approach HUMAN RELATIONS SCHOOLS:Behavioural School, System Schools POWER AND POLITICS:Conflict- as Positive and Negative, Reactions of Managers, Three Dimensional Typology ADVERTISEMENTS: The principal aim of the organisation is productivity. Schools of Management Thought 4.5 CLASSICAL MANAGEMENT THEORY (l880s-1920s) Classical management theory consists of a group of similar ideas on the management of School of Management Thought # 2. Its roots pre-date the twentieth century. The Major Schools of Management Theory are: 1. Related posts: Short Essay on the Classical Theory of International Trade 6 main Features of Human Relations Theory Essay on the Population Theory According to the Classical and the Neo-Classical Schools Comparison between Classical Theory and Modern Theory of International Trade What is Classical Theory of […] The classical development of management thoughts can be divided into the scientific management, the organizational management, the behavioural management and the quantitative management. Classical management theory is based on the belief that workers only have physical and economic needs. Human Behaviors or Human Relations School 4. The classical viewpoint of management can be divided into three parts: Scientific Management , Administrative School and Bureaucratic Management. It analyses the management process by describing its functions like planning, organising, directing, coordinating and controlling. classical principle (school) of management The main assumption underpinning this principle of management is the fact that people are rational and as such are motivated by their economic aspirations. Management, though the word was not then used in the sense that we use now, was all about increasing production and improving productivity among workers. It does not take into account social needs or job satisfaction, but instead advocates a specialization of labor, centralized leadership and decision-making, and profit maximization.. Management Process School 2. Analysis and Discussion Classical approach of management: The classical approach to management (1900-1930) was the product of the first concentrated effort to develop a body of management thought. Management Process School: This school builds up the idea that management is a process of getting things done through and with other people operating in organised groups. The classical school of thought generally concerns ways to manage work and organizations more efficiently. Major Schools of Management Thought The various approaches to the study of management as propounded by specialists from different disciplines have come to be called the Schools of Management Thought. Empirical School 3. Classical school of management This school flourished from the late 1800s through the 1920s and is associated with the Industrial Revolution. groups of schools of management thought, are currently in vogue and found adequate for the purpose (Hitt and others, 1979) IV. is a platform for academics to share research papers. This is the time when society moved from agrarian to industrial.

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