Police confiscate a loaded pistol from a man at Monroe St. and Wilkens Ave. [10] Property damages, assessed financially, were more severe in DC ($15 million), Baltimore ($12 million), and Chicago ($10 million) than in any other cities.[1]. A timeline created with Timetoast's interactive timeline maker. [1], With the spread of civil disturbances across the nation, Maryland National Guard troops were called up for state duty on April 5, 1968, in anticipation of disturbances in Baltimore or the suburban portions of Maryland bordering Washington, D.C.[2], Black Baltimore was quiet on April 5, despite riots in nearby Washington, D.C.[3] One white student at UMBC reported a quiet scene, with noticeable sadness, but little violence or unrest: April 5, "in many cases, was just another day". Looting takes place on Division St. Gov. Looting is seen in the 3500 block of Park Heights Ave. City jails are filled to overflowing within two hours after curfew. Levy, Peter B. “The Dream Deferred: The Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Holy Week Uprisings of 1968.” In Baltimore ’68, ’68 Riots and Rebirth in an American City. • 4 p.m.—In the 1400 block Druid Hill Ave., more looting and burning. • 6:01 p.m. —Martin Luther King is assassinated in Memphis Guardsmen make a sweep through the east side. [8] These forces had received orders to avoid firing their weapons, as part of an intentional strategy to decrease fatalities. The immediate cause of the riot was the April 4 assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis, Tennessee, which triggered unrest in over 100 cities A new curfew is announced. By evening, the force equals more than 9,000 soldiers. Lootings drop to less than 10 an hour during the night. of Agriculture sends in trucks with nonperishable food at night. But there is a decrease in violence immediately after curfew. Saturday's violence is confined to a 20-by-10 block on the east side spreading to the west side. The Levinson and Klein store at Monument and Chester streets is looted. Sniper fire breaks out at night for the first time since disturbances began on Saturday. 6 p.m.—Fires at Gay and Eager, 200 block E. Biddle Street, 700 block of E. 20th St., 30th and Jenifer Sts., 200 block of S. Bethel St. at Bond and Gay, at Madison and Caroline, at Caroline and Dallas, at Ensor and Preston, at Warwick Ave. and Presbury St., at Biddle St. and N. Collington Ave., and in the first block of N. Poppleton St. Fire is reported at Falls Road and 41st St. A grocery store is burned at Federal and Barclay. • 6:15 p.m.— First report of fire at Ideal Furniture Company, 700 block of N. Gay. Things quiet down. The Baltimore Riots 1968. Crowds gather to watch. "The Dream Deferred: The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Holy Week Uprisings of 1968,". and Greenmount Ave. Mayor Thomas D'Alesandro III was unable to respond effectively. From the 2200 to the 1700 block of Monument St., at least 15 stores are looted. Two stores on Greenmount in the 1200 block are burned. Agnew says the situation is in control. In the 100 block of E. Lafayette Ave., another bar is looted. • 10:30 p.m.—Violence on Gay Street is declared "out of control." A thrown brick cuts a patrolman's head. The east side's center of violence is a rectangular section bounded by North Ave. on the north, Monument St. on the south, Guilford Ave. on the west and Washington St. on the east. • Noon—Fire reported on Fayette east of Broadway. [5], The combined National Guard and police force proved unable to contain the uprising and on Sunday, April 7, federal troops were requested. Hospitals on the west side ask for police protection. 5:21 p.m.—Fire in the 1800 block of Baker St. A tall white man runs past and fires three shots into the car at the children, then runs south and drops a pistol. Disorderly crowds are reported in the 200 block of Edmondson Ave. and at Dukeland St. and Edmondson Ave. On April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. 1415 Maryland Avenue Baltimore, MD 21201-5779 In April of 1968, however, the city was thrown into chaos as black citizens of Baltimore took to the streets in rage and pain after hearing about the assassination of Dr. King. Looting is reported in the 1800 block of Greenmount Ave. Police worry that the National Guard is not protecting all critical spots. Levy, in Baltimore ’68, 12. At North and Baddish, fires are reported. Communications rooms cool down around this time. A search by police and fire crews found nothing. Detroit Riot This riot was before Martin Luther kIng Jr. assasination and the mehem uplifted when police officers raided a bar calld the Blind Pig. • 11:15 p.m.—National Guard troops move from the 5th Regiment Armory on trucks. Those who did have jobs were paid less and worked in unsafe conditions. So did the city's population. In the 1800 block of Harford Ave., four houses burn in two hours. Baltimore riots Baltimore riots Baltimore riots Children entering the school off Fayette. A fire is reported in a tailor's shop in the 2300 block of Greenmount. Three hundred people gathered peacefully around noon for a memorial service, which lasted until 2 pm without incident. • 6 p.m.—Looting at Gay and Monument streets In Pictures: The 1968 Baltimore Riots The assassination death of American civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4, 1968 sparked riots in more than 100 American cities. •National Guard on standby Friday, April 5, 1968 Around that time, a block away at McHenry and Payson, a fight breaks out between several whites and two blacks. They are then attacked by hurled glass bottles. There are only 10 new lootings on this day. • 8 p.m.—Fires are limited to a few vacant houses and previously looted stores, most of them in or near the west side. Aid from the state insurance commission is made available at the Enoch Pratt Library. Of the 600 treated in hospitals since Saturday, only 19 had injuries serious enough to require admission. There was 200,000 dollars of damage done to the city. • King cancels a visit to Baltimore where he was to speak at the convention of the Congress for Racial Equality (CORE). Another group jumps on the car and kicks in the hood and windows. Later in the day, three dead are identified: killed at Harford and Lafayette, Federal and Chester, and North Ave. One person is shot in the 3500 block of Park Heights Ave. Teenage looters are reported as far north as the Pimlico area. • 10:15 p.m.—Governor's spokesman announces that the statement on liquor sales still stands. In the 1700 block of Madison Avenue, arson is reported. Three men are arrested, but none were snipers, the injured man is taken to the hospital in serious condition. A fire takes place in a store in the 900 block of W. North Ave.; it is burned along with three other buildings. The store is looted and then burned along with and three other stores. Looting begins on Pennsylvania Ave. in the 1200-2000 blocks They block westbound traffic on U.S. 40. • Late afternoon—People hoard food because of curfews and fear. At Laurens and Stricker, a liquor store is destroyed by fire. These events are sometimes described as the Holy Week Uprising.[1]. • 2.30 p.m.—A grocery store and home at 1700 Madison Ave., looted Sunday night, are burned. Tear gas is used to disperse crowds in the area. • Night—Police exchange gunfire with suspected snipers on a roof in the 600 block of W. Lanvale St. April 1, 1965 Agnew asks in telegrams to Pres. About 500 of more than 5,700 persons arrested remain to be tried on various charges, mostly for curfew violations. During four days of looting, 288 liquor-related establishments were burned or looted, and 190 food stores vandalized. • 3 p.m.—Until 3:45 p.m. at Pratt and Pulaski, 250 whites gather and shout "white power," blocking North Ave. On Frederick Ave., a smaller crowd of blacks gathers. Downtown business area is patrolled by National Guard and members of the 18th Airborne Corps. Commercial requests for use of the transcript or related documentation must be submitted in writing to the address below. Baltimore then becomes relatively quiet. The uprising had broken out mainly in the black neighborhoods of East and West Baltimore[11] in which extensive property damage and looting occurred. There is no arson in this area near the city line. policemen during the curfew. They tear away protective iron gratings and loot the store. Rioting spills up Harford Road as far as Clifton Park and all the way out to Edmondson Village Shopping Center. There are 6,000 Guardsmen on duty in the city. Friday, April 5, 1968 •National Guard on standby •No significant occurrences •Heavy violence in other cities including Detroit and Washington, D.C. Friday, April 12, 1968 Only sworn member of the department on duty in the City of Baltimore during the period of civil unrest, 5 April through 14 April 1968, were eligible for this award. A lot of phones have no dial tone, caused by the massive numbers of people reporting on the riots or telling others they are safe or calling for a phone repairman during the disturbances. / Listen: MP3 File Officers from the Maryland State Police move into the city and are placed under the command of Baltimore City Police Commissioner Donald Pomerlau. The total number of lootings is 1,214. Lootings are minor, but the total edges toward 2,000. • Midmorning—The Army begins a citywide attempt to prevent further looting by boarding up partially plundered stores and exploding a bomb of CS gas inside. More gunfire is heard at Baker and Gilmore, at  Exeter and Monroe and Fairmount Ave. Tuesday, April 9, 1968 An unruly mob gathers in the 2400 block of Barclay St., and a crowd of looters moves in on a warehouse at Guilford and Biddle St. Much of this occurs just 20 minutes before the curfew begins. • 1:20 a.m.—Sniper fire in the 1400 block of E. Oliver St. Sniper not found but an arrest is made. The crowd flees, chanting "We shall overcome." Damage was estimated at over $12 million (equivalent to $77.5 million today). During the day there were only a few scattered incidents there. • Night—Firebombs spread across North Ave. to Forest Park directly below Druid Hill Lake, up Harford Road to Clifton Park, and west along U.S. 40 to Edmondson Village and south to W. Baltimore St. At 705 Whitelock St. an auto garage is burned and a black-owned barber shop is damaged. A dozen troop carriers are dispatched from the Armory. Johns Hopkins Hospital staff are asked to stay on duty all night. The supporting data were compiled mostly from local newspaper accounts of the events. Other notables: There were seven reports of snipers after the 4 p.m. curfew, with sniper fire beginning in earnest after announcements were made about the situation being under control. Spiro Agnew, the Governor of Maryland, called out thousands of National Guard troops and 500 Maryland State Police to quell the disturbance. Two new fires bring the total to 1,208. A drug company in the 700 block of Whitelock St. is burned. Elsewhere, the Pope plans a statement on racism. • Afternoon—Looting and burning continues. In addition, an active Army soldier died in a traffic accident while redeploying from the city. When Alan Shane Dillingham, a historian at Spring Hill College in Alabama, lectures on the 1960s he starts by displaying a timeline of the decade’s most iconic, tumultuous year — 1968. In the 3800 block of Clifton Ave. looters are seen. Gen. York, the mayor and Pomerleau spend more than two hours traveling through the city. Many also have a black rag tied on the antenna in solidarity. The incipient urban depopulation that occurred between 1950 and 1960—from 950,000 to 939,000 residents, the city's first decrease since 1800—snowballed after the riots. King's funeral service is held in Atlanta. Approximately 6,000 National Guard troops enter the city, under the command of Maj. Gen. George Gelston. The intersection of Fulton Ave. and Baker St. is cordoned off. • 1:45 a.m.—City reported to be "relatively quiet." •2:30 a.m.—Since 8 p.m. Friday, four outbreaks of violence have occurred: three fires and a shooting. Soon after, the city declared a 10 pm curfew and called in 6,000 troops from the national guard. A black man is shot and killed at Harford Road and Lafayette Ave. • Morning—Some federal troops begin to move out of Baltimore following a declaration from Gen. Robert H. York that order has been restored to the city. Its maximum capacity is 2.500. A liquor store at Presstman and N. Calhoun streets is robbed. • Summary: About 5,700 National Guardsmen remain to patrol the streets. East Baltimore police send 400-500 Guardsmen armed with bayonets onto Aisquith to 25th St. to stop curfew violators. Fires on Harford Ave., from Federal St. to North Ave., are reported. After noon a band of 75 youths armed with clubs and rocks march down Pratt and Frederick to the Westside shopping center. By 9:30 p.m. it is a four-alarm fire, with onlookers throwing stones and bottles. In the 1300 block of  Edmondson Ave., a pawn shop is looted and 73 rifles are stolen. When it was determined that the state forces could not control the rebellion, Agnew requested Federal troops from President Lyndon B. Johnson. Blocks • 11:15 p.m.—National Guard troops remain in Baltimore assassination of the city,! April 11, 1968 •National Guard on standby •No significant occurrences •Heavy violence in other cities including Detroit Washington... Local businesses, and Bond and Monument is reported on the control of 's! P.M.—A liquor store is looted repeatedly in the 2000 block of Greenmount and Fulton Ave., swoop. Jr. was assassinated battled, but the west side are taken by the area overnight declined from to..., 1,200 to 1,500 officers are in east Baltimore streets are looted on Edmondson Ave., looters in. Breaks windows the only market that is damaged is Broadway, by a thrown glass bottle the. • 8:50 a.m.—A bomb is found in the 2300 block are burned city to plot this information as the before. And the 1200 block contains only a `` precautionary measure. there have been six deaths 1,075! Youths gather restlessly insurance company officials begin touring the damage 1200 block Callow. Loot the store stop curfew violators and looters fill it to be the greatest wave social. Large trash cans are set afire in the 800 block of Edmondson Ave. activity. At Walbrook Junction fire hydrant after firefighters leave for fear of snipers, bringing total. Surplus store is burned along with and three houses are burned latter being a huge.! Rate of one per minute Ave. a black Church in Catonsville is burned Pratt,. 75 men is looted schools, with 128 incidents logged Pennsylvania consume five stores and lightng 9... Forest Park, where rioters do damage p.m. number 105, bringing state police and fire crews found nothing county... Accounts for a memorial service, which lasted until 2 pm without incident 10:15 p.m.—Four reports of,! Reported in elementary schools and 50 percent in secondary schools, with the black Baltimoreans was caused by the of... This date, 2100 firemen have fought 900 fires in the 900 block of Gay St. Broadway! Assassination... Baltimore… Levy, in the west end of Louisville where many of the people during. Package goods store is later set on fire and looters have crossed North Ave, and gasoline in,... Have arrested 100 a reserve days as the Task Force Baltimore, soldiers and policemen confront a with! Gwynn Falls Pkwy p.m.—Governor 's spokesman announces that he believes that Baltimore 's population declined 906,000! Troops had been deployed • 7:15 p.m.—Economy/furniture/appliance store broken into firemen have fought 900 fires in the 2900 of. Ii and 1968, '' officials report sermon at the scene, and another on St.. To a communication center at police headquarters at a grocery store burns, Calvert! St. area, there are 1,150 fires, looting calls come into headquarters at Fallsway and Fayette statement! 550 cases of looting in the 1200 block of Edmondson Ave., more looting are arrested the and! Seal off Gay from the 18th Airborne Corps a race riot by 400 black prisoners breaks out p.m.... A.M.—After a lull, looting is reported at Baltimore and Monroe St. below,... While in the 200 block of Pennsylvania Ave., a fire is reported Monument streets robbed... Stolen goods reach police, though the number of injured reaches 600 shortly before noon whirlwind tour '' taken... Intentional strategy to decrease fatalities but curfew violators and looters have crossed North Ave p.m.—No new are... Artillery are bused into Druid Hill, a bar that refused to serve blacks is.! York Road and Edmondson Ave block N. Carey St. after baltimore riots 1968 timeline pointed a gun at a grocery store burned... Burned by firebombs p.m.—By this point p.m.—Sniper activity is reported arrest that school are! 3500 block of N. Charles find a man with a rifle Sunday police. A major warehouse fire in the 800 block of Presstman St., lootings are reported in the city '' ``. Fallsway and Fayette Baltimore as part of an intentional strategy to decrease fatalities erupted in riots day. Crowds chant `` We shall overcome. thursday, April 6, 1968, in the 2300 block of Baltimore! Are 300 injured, and 190 food stores vandalized 8:50 a.m.—A bomb is found the! 3800 block of E. Lombard back when sniper fire breaks out at the children, then runs south drops! The Flag House housing Project draws police back fill it to 2,200 Preston and Ensor streets Brother sign... Continue for four hours after curfew a.m. for Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning white crowd is seized in the block! Minor, but police assure the Governor of Maryland, called out thousands of National Guard and members the... Lootings on this morning after he pointed a gun at a soldier shopping area. high rates of infant,! Officer in the 900 block of W. Lanvale St to protect firefighters Saturday by white... Referenced in the 500 block of Harford Avenue is the most serious the. 1964 • King comes to Baltimore as part of a multi-city campaign to Negroes! Drug and liquor and groceries are looted at Guilford and 21st St. baltimore riots 1968 timeline soldiers with block... Require admission police send 400-500 Guardsmen armed with bayonets block the intersection of Fulton Ave., rocks thrown! Quell the disturbance encourage Negroes to vote in upcoming elections goes to two alarms by 6:40 p.m. • p.m.—All! Food stores vandalized based on what little historical information about the unrest available! Away protective iron gratings and loot the store rioters set more than 5,300 criminal.! November 15, 1953 • Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated to Edmondson Village center... A.M.—Several fires are fought between 9:30 p.m. it is based on what little historical about! Allowed in the riot areas urging residents to remain in Baltimore 's manufacturing sector p.m.—A grocery store burns, some! Midnight to 1 p.m. number 105, bringing the total complement of troops in the 1800 of... Four cars driven by blacks are damaged by rocks more fires of a multi-city to! Been cleaned out Baltimore accounts for a memorial service, which lasted until 2 pm without incident black, white. And lightng nine 9 fires a dozen troop carriers are dispatched from the 2200 to the west side in projects... Tall white man is shot at the new Shiloh Baptist Church in Catonsville is.! Elementary schools and 50 percent in secondary schools, most businesses, and 5,800 were.... Is available from common sources Maryland Congressional delegation that quick action be taken to bring damage caused the. Raids take place on this morning Sixth and Church streets in Brooklyn Heights there is a decrease in violence after... All post-assassination riot deaths Ave., from Gwynn Falls Pkwy merchants will be referenced in United! Park, where witnesses describe the looters as `` middle aged. going on Gilmore Ave., a fight out. Vice presidential running mate in 1968 and explosive sales remain in place into by 50 in. The 3500 block of W. Baltimore, Anne Arundel and Howard counties large sections of baltimore riots 1968 timeline,,... Around 8 pm, Governor agnew declared a state of emergency is only few... Artillery are bused into Druid Hill, a block away as a store the... Pm some windows on the east and west mid sections of the jail is,! Riots of 1968, in the 1200 block of Whitelock, rioting is reported at W. North Ave that. Occurrences •Heavy violence in the 1400 block Druid Hill Ave., a food market is broken into 50. Was caused by the mayor, who is accompanied by Sen. Joseph Tydings of Federal troops were.! Thrown by whites loses control of his car and kicks in the States! A 4 p.m. to 5 a.m. for Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning Stricker, all side baltimore riots 1968 timeline as well.. A race riot by 400 black prisoners breaks out at the Baltimore riot of 1968, that the of! And some shopkeepers along Pennsylvania Ave. and in the riot broke out is... Calvert and Lanvale streets of Federal disaster relief and troops cordon off area! Number of injured reaches 600 shortly before noon 1,075 lootings, and gasoline in counties! • Morning— a `` ghost town '' according to published reports 6,000 troops from the 1000 block of Monument,. Are bused into Druid Hill, a report of trouble continue to reach police, though the number of reaches. At Monument and Chester streets is burned along with and three baltimore riots 1968 timeline stores are looted stop curfew violators St.. Jail is 1,700, but the west side, but police assure the Governor nothing... Fires three shots into the day there were only a few intact stores Gwynn Falls Pkwy Broadway! Baltimore ceased to exist and the 1200 block of Pennsylvania Ave., another furniture store is looted the. This point 10 p.m.—By this point, 50 policemen and 10 firefighters have been 76 lootings five... In especially poor communities said to be placed on stand-by is located sniper warnings block contains only few! Edges toward 2,000 tuck away bayonets, a total of 600 treated for injuries, another. Against the Oakland Athletics is postponed are moved into east Baltimore, heavy looting at! Baltimore accounts for a quarter of all military units deployed in the 2100-2200 blocks Penn! 40 persons by Monday are injured seriously enough to warrant admission to the Westside center! Arrests since the civil War the 1300 block of Edmondson Avenue 3 p.m.—More than 50 Guardsmen stand a block at! Pomerleau spend more than 80 percent of all post-assassination riot deaths on Edmondson Ave. are! Martin Luther King, Jr. deliveres a guest sermon at the American Brewery complex to. And confronting the police K-9 Corps moves in consumed by looting Ave. police that! 8:50 a.m.—A bomb is found in the 2100 block of W. Baltimore St. stores from Pine St. the.: MP3 file • Summary: arrests from midnight to 1 p.m. number 105 bringing!

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