Never leave your easy chair as you journey beyond the road to faraway places using Google Maps Treks! Are you ready for a wet and fun trip to the ocean? Can't take a field trip to NYC? Move around with your cursor to see the 360-degree view, or watch as the preview takes you on tour. Welcome to a virtual field trip to the Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth! The Nature Conservancy. Each stop links to a website with information about the natural wonder, there is also a short explanation under the slide so be sure not to miss that part of the site. All field trips will be held while the Coastal Center is closed to other guests, ensuring a safe and completely private experience for your group. Browse Edge Resources, Other TeachersFirst Special Topics Collections. Create a poem, song, or artwork using the images from the viewer as inspiration. The pictures are out of this world! Don’t worry about packing survival gear! Several objects are available to click on and zoom to for a closer look. Take a look at our complete list of resources that offer virtual field trips. This website has panoramic views of all Seven Wonders of the World, which include the Colosseum in Rome, The Great Wall of China, Petra in Jordan, The Taj Mahal in India, Machu Picchu in Peru, Christ Redeemer in Rio, and Chichen Itza in Mexico. This is an excellent resource for class trip preparation. Click on slides at the bottom of the page to see different areas of the ruins such as the Temple of Isis and street views of the entire archeological area. Beautifully executed, and packed with special features, the tour is billed as the "second best way to visit Mount Vernon," and doesn't disappoint. Teach Students to Build Confidence and Build Body Image with the Amazing Me Virtual Field Trip! Free Earth Day Resources for your Classroom, Inspire Students to Consider Careers in Mining Innovation with All-New Dig Into Mining Career Resources, 1 Week Left: Register for a STEM-filled Virtual Field Trip. Choose Gombe National Park, Pyramids of Giza, Angkor Wat, Colorado River, or the polar bears at Churchill. active){li-icon[type=linkedin-bug][color=inverse] .background{fill, Learn to Empower Your Students to Find Their Voice: Explore Professional Development Resources from Speak Truth to Power, Conservation Station – Smart Cities Virtual Field Trip, NEW Middle School Nuclear Science Program, DfE update — NFER Teacher voice omnibus Research report July 2016, DfE update: Educational Excellence Everywhere, Effective Planning – some refreshing advice, DFE Update – Teacher workload: Data management, DFE Update – Teacher workload: Planning and resources, “So You Want to be a Wizard”: Early Career Conversations in the Classroom, Classroom Resources to Help Combat the Opioid Crisis, Teach Your Students to be Upstanders: #SaySomething, 5 Stories of Superintendent Leadership from AASA and Discovery Education, Educational research summarised: New vision for education, Educational research summarised: American Educator – Principles of instruction; strategies that all teachers should know, Educational research summarised: Ofcom – Children and Parents: Media use and attitudes report, Future@Now: Roadmap to the Digital Transition, Future@Now Texas: Transition to Digital Classrooms, Future@Now: Transition to Digital Classrooms, Inside :30 Webinar: Taking Your District Digital, Discovery Education Inside :30 Webinar Series, Fueling Innovation Through A Shared Leadership Model, Building A Culture of STEM Teaching & Learning, 3 Webinars this Spring Could Supercharge Your Math Instruction, Assessing Mathematical Modeling Activities, Getting Started with Mathematical Modeling, June 2020: Summer passion projects for students, May 2020: Differentiation Strategies to Support Learners, April 2020: Creating with Discovery Education, How Professional Learning Communities Can Support School Superintendents, School Leaders Gathering Feedback from their Community, Robots Helping Students with Autism Learn Social Skills, Explore STEM Digital Learning Resources in Recognition of National STEM Day, November 8th. Seattle Aquarium. There are so many amazing online options when it comes to zoos that we couldn’t narrow … Not sure where you want to go? Because each link leads to a different site, it is important to view it in advance to make sure your computer meets any specific requirements for that activity. View life along Barrier Reefs and in the Sea. Invite Florida Oceanographic's Education Staff into your middle or high school classroom for a live, interactive, virtual field trip experience focused on sea turtle biology and conservation! Though real-world field trips are invaluable experiences, logistics of time, cost or distance aren't always aligned in our favor. ET, @STASatState using the hashtag #OfthePeople. Target Audience: Kindergarten students Who knows Nemo, the clown fish? This 30-minute video guides viewers through the history of Ellis Island and the process faced by immigrants reaching the island. From digitally diving under the sea to watching the cherry blossom trees bloom, there are countless ways to #FindYourPark / #EncuentraTuParque online. With new and increasingly affordable technology, it's easy to find online field trips that offer a complete virtual reality experience. Use the familiar Google map tools to zoom in and out. Take your students on a week-long expedition to faraway places above and below the waves via 360° videos, HD videos, and images. Follow each of the arrows to travel to each stop on the tour including Angel Falls, the Aurora Borealis, the Grand Canyon and more. Each no-cost Virtual Field Trip comes with a companion guide packed with standards-aligned, hands-on learning activities! The history of the Statue of Liberty is accompanied by information on the Junior Ranger program for kids. Be sure to click on the square icon near the bottom of each show to open up each virtual reality to a full-screen view. “ Of the People: Protecting Our Ocean ” is Discovery Education’s latest virtual field trip. This virtual reality experience is made possible through technology that produces 360 degree images which are "stitched" together from a series of six underwater photos. This review is for the 360 degree virtual tour only. View this site on any platform. Choose from a variety of images taken at various locations found along the bottom. If your district blocks YouTube, the videos may not be viewable. Jump onto your computer and start your road trip! View life along Barrier Reefs and in the Sea. You must be registered and logged in to add items to your favorites. Discover the characteristics of the ecosystem that allows for such a varied amount of organisms to call it their home. Click to allow the view to rotate on its own. AQUARIUMS – VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS Georgia Aquarium: De-stress while taking a relaxing look under the sea at this aquarium with live cams of whale sharks, beluga whales, California sea lions, bottlenose dolphins, African penguins, jellyfish, manta rays and more. Explore this site as a virtual field trip under the sea during a unit on animal habitats, biomes, or oceans. SCUBA equipment can’t safely take you beyond relatively shallow depths, and operating the cameras and high-tech arms of an unmanned submarine from the surface can't match … The Ultimate Cool School Sweepstakes is Now Open! 360Cities will have your students spinning, Take a virtual field trip of Underground Railroad sites using this collection. Type in any address to, A Teacher's Ultimate Destination for Virtual Field Trips, Take a virtual trip around the country or around the world with this expansive list of virtual field trips. What You Need: Computer with Internet access and Skype What To Do: Students at Willard Elementary School in Ridgewood, New Jersey, took a once-in-a-lifetime trip under the sea with Jacques Cousteau’s grandson, Fabien Cousteau, last spring.The younger Cousteau re-created his grandfather’s legendary adventure … Are you looking for a site to showcase your own panoramic shots or do you want to learn how to take panoramic shots? Explorers can purchase cardboard virtual reality goggles for less than $10 each, giving users an experience almost as good as actually visiting the location. Use this virtual field trip that includes photos and 360-degree views of this ancient Roman City. Read details by clicking "Science" to begin your exploration. Looking for a new virtual field trip? Some locations don't offer street view, in that instance Instant Street View shares the Google Map view. Virtual Field Trip: Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. 360Cities will have your students spinning in circles with excitement. This White House tour uses Google Maps street view tools to "tour" the inside of America's home. Browse by Subject/Grade Yes, Please! There is a VR tour available for headmounted devices. Post Author: Jessie Scott. Great Wall of China: Explorers can jet off to the Great Wall of China and learn insider facts about … 360Cities "how to" section offers tools to create and upload your own panoramic pictures. Explore incredible panoramic views from different angles such as the subterranean path all the way up to the highest point of the Citadel. Control the screen on your own to move images up, down, and in different directions. Visit the Statue of Liberty virtually! This project is just getting started as it surveys the Great Barrier Reef and documents it visually. Help Families Engage Students in Critical STEM Learning with Fun, Hands-on Experiment Videos Featuring 3M Scientists, Setting Students up for Success During the Summer with Digital Learning Resources for Parents & Families, Hands-On STEM/STEAM Resources for Enhanced Virtual Learning, Meet the Innovation Generation: 3M Young Scientist Winners, 8 Ways to Embrace Creativity in the Classroom in 2018, THE TOYOTA IMPACT: THE ENGINEERING BEHIND SAFETY, Go Under the Hood with Toyota: Live STEM Virtual Field Trip May 3rd, Vote Now! Use the arrows in the sphere to rotate the image, giving a panoramic view of the location as you click. 360Cities panoramic aerial shots are also available as well as navigable views of cities, natural landscapes, and more. The narrator shows different areas of the buildings on Ellis Island and interviews park rangers sharing stories of their families along with personal stories of immigrants. Making an impact with conservation in the classroom, Lively Lessons: Endangered Animal Relocation STEM Challenge, Teaching Shakespeare isn’t just for our Shakespeare 400 VFT, Challenging your pupils with Free Code in Discovery Education Coding, Computing in the Classroom – Linking on and offline. All are free and have a companion guide that includes learning activities. Take your students around the world with this curated list of resources offering free virtual field trips. Dive in! On Sept. 14, we will take viewers to Washington D.C., where leaders at the State Department are about to embark on the third-annual Our Ocean Conference, hosted by Secretary of State John Kerry. SeaWorld Orlando Education Field Trip Experience provides your students with an unforgettable day filled with activities designed to encourage hands-on educational experiences. The history, Experience Machu Picchu with this 360 degree virtual tour. Visit the Statue of Liberty virtually! Introduce New Resources from Navigating Nuclear During Nuclear Science Week, Register for this free virtual field trip. See the different fish and other organisms who call the, Take a virtual tour of sixteen of the world's natural wonders without leaving your classroom on this interactive site. : Toyota TeenDrive365 Video Challenge, 6 Simple Resources to Integrate Equity, Access & Cultural Awareness into Student Learning, Lottery Isn’t The Only Thing You Can Win: Enter The Ultimate Cool School Sweepstakes. Ocean Animals-a Virtual Field Trip - Activate your students' background knowledge about ocean animals and introduce them to marine biology before you explore tons of photographs of marine life… To understand the concept, explore tours already uploaded to Mapwing. Nov 10, 2020 - Explore WeAreTeachers's board "Virtual Field Trips", followed by 376075 people on Pinterest. Create the tours for free. Enjoy a trip through an African Safari park to see an incredible variety of wildlife. Featuring our seals and sea lions, these Virtual Field Trips occur twice a week and will explore marine life, conservation, adaptations, DIY upcycled craft projects, and more! Click the picture below to get started on your next trip. “Of the People: Protecting Our Ocean” is Discovery Education’s latest virtual field trip. All rights reserved. Looking for a new virtual field trip? View the virtual tour, multimedia presentations, live web cam, and photo gallery for Lady Liberty. | Learn about the benefits of TeachersFirst free membership. Farms. Take a trip to a national park from wherever you are! The documentary takes viewers from the first stop before starting the climb through the final opportunity to reach the summit. On Sept. 14, we will take viewers to Washington D.C., where leaders at the State Department are about to embark on the third-annual Our Ocean Conference, hosted by Secretary of State John Kerry. Plan your trip by entering the starting address and the final destination. For a virtual reality experience BLVRD is hardware agnostic (you can read about this under the FAQs).

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